And so the story began...on a night that was dark the blog was released into the ether and journey was begun.

The Story so far...

We are not going to move this world by criticism of it nor conformity to it, but by the combustion within it of lives ignited by the spirit of God. Vance Havner

Space for GRACE

The Space for Grace…

Grace the grace of Jesus is astonishing. I recently discovered a whole new depth to it.  It like a living moving organic thing that has layers and depths to it.  I discovered that you don’t give me grace for my imagination that all those doubts fears questions about life the future my choices and decisions.  There is no space for grace there. In the reality of a situation and of life, there, there it flows there it lives and breathes, there it is real. There it covers, there it protects my heart there it strengthens me there it blesses me there it moves and there it brings me life. 

It is such a beautiful wondrous thing the, grace of God.  How it works with and amongst the character of my amazing Jesus.  It doesn’t contradict the necessity of faith or the choice to trust him but it does exist always in the moment I need it in the seconds where I feel all else is failing me when hope is distant and faith weak, there is grace. Its the thing that keeps me alive in the moments of despair that means my Jesus will come and pull me out, it’s his beautiful grace that means he never loses sight of me and what he has and is creating in me!
The space for grace exists for me in a place where I cannot, where I falter, where life is really hard where I am not enough because I am not enough without you. The place I chose to make it about me and do it myself, even there grace exists it’s the grace for him to reach down and pick me up and say “can We do it now” He will cover and love and protect and be with us always and sometimes it will be look like his beautiful wondrous Grace which shows me I don’t have to carry this all alone.


The Invasion of heart, of mind, of soul.  Good or Bad?

When an invasion happens in it’s truest form without permission, it violates it stresses capacity and it is ultimately unwelcome.  It disrespects and crosses boundaries it hurts and pays no regard to person. So can there therefore be such a thing as a welcome invasion? Here is where I find the mirror…the opposite…the place of surrender.

The surrender is the invitation to be overwhelmed, to be overtaken to be… invaded.  The invasion of his presence, the place of Him being all of every moment, of every second being consumed by his joy his peace his abounding love and just quite simple… Him!  The place of surrender of permission is the beginning of the invasion of LIFE, the start of something beautiful majestic and glorious.  It’s the start of a journey where I become more like Him, where I express Him more fully, being truly who I was made to be, not a Jesus clone but a unique expression of the image of the creator of all, My Dad!

So the surrender is the choice for the invasion of life, the place of moving into saying YES to all He has and is.  He will never force an invasion, He would break every promise if He did, so instead, He will wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…and wait…until I say yes!  Until I chose Him, until I allow Him to be all He can be in and through me, the fullest the greatest, the everything.

When you can’t see a way forward, stop stumbling around and look up, meet the eyes that say, the way? the truth? the fullest life?- they are right here for you.


There is a place that exists where dreams meet reality, one of the most fulfilling places.

Its a beautiful fusion of concept walking into your physical reality, the reality that envelopes your very existence.

The definition of you can so easily be reduced to the reality you find yourself surrounded by.  And yet the place you dream and when you start to set yourself towards that, it will expand your vision.  It will teach you that you can be more, do more and that God is totally for you every second of the day.  When you start to see those things become your reality it changes your perspective and raises the bar.  It tells you more truth about who you were made to be.  It’s a place of risk, of hanging a lot of yourself and your reputation on what God has said, sound slightly irresponsible???

Years gone by I would have said the same but now I find that it can be the most fulfilling place to live, where I put myself on the edge of what I can pull off, knowing He has spoken and He has called this vision into being. 

At the edge of me I find the God gap, the place only He can fill, where miracles happen the home of the impossible because… and this is the best part…it was all his idea anyway!!! So, He is the one that has to make it happen because I can’t, I can happily sit in knowing I follow Him and I just walk with him and create with him and He and only He does it.  It soooo freeing and soooo beautiful, the synergy that happens when we say “Yeah, lets give that a go shall we and see where we end up!!

So risk a dream with God, because I believe…Dreams fulfilled have to be one of the most beautiful things to have the privilege of experiencing.

He draws us to himself, not with a fact that is cold, impersonal and distant but with an experience that is real, personal and irrefutable.

SPES MEA IN DEO - My hope is in God

For those of you who know me well this is the tattoo I have on my wrist, I have this because I know that as I hope in the Almighty, the beginning and end, it is never misplaced. That He has ever second of my life in his hands.
His faithfulness is so vast it extends further than I could ever imagine. It reaches into the unknown future of possibilities that lie before me, it permeates the past and is evident in every second if I chose to see it.

It genuine baffles me that the more I look at the goodness of God I see the Faithfulness that holds it all together. It’s like the two are beautifully and perfectly intertwined that it’s impossible to pull them apart.

The past echoes the Faithfulness of God, the cross, the fact that we are here that we have made it this far and the fact that everything Satan has but in our way. Everything that should have ended in death and destruction God revealed his faithfulness in. He proves himself time and time again even when he had no need to, He fully proved himself at the cross…and yet…I still find myself focussing on the things not happening and the question will he come through for me this time? Maybe that just makes me very human and consequently extremely forgetful, forgetful of the things he’s done and what he says he will do!

So as I look back I am overwhelmingly struck by his faithfulness, that I made it to here that I love him more than ever before, that the more I walk this life the more I want to see of him, the more I long for more of him and the less I want the “norm”. In this place I am struck with the phenomenal privilege it is to be here, in Germany for now which is a different challenge to the ones I have faced before but ‘Spes Mea in Deo’ - I will hope in the only sure thing I have experienced and I will choose to pursue him with all I have because in the midst of it all He Is Faithful!

“He is Faithful
And He is Glorious
And He is Jesus
And all my hope is in him
He is freedom
And He is healing right now
And He is hope and joy and love and peace and life

He has paid the highest price He proven his great love for us
We will praise him with our lives
And proclaim for him”

                 -Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Certainties in life…

I’ve heard it said there are two certainties in life…death and taxes…I however think there are a couple more…change and the unboundaried goodness of God!

So it has come and gone…the time to say goodbye to special people and to one person in particular, you all know who you are :) The time to move to a new chapter in Germany, the time to take a leap into something completely new and unknown.

I find it strange that these keys moments in time always strike up a reflective side to me.  I usually am far to involved in the moment to really notice or take stock of where life has brought me to this far but now I find myself here.

Being so totally aware of where the last 5 years has brought me and seeing with magnified clarity that God is so ridiculously good, makes me aware that this has definitely been a road less travelled and for that, I am overwhelmingly thankful.

When I look back and see the people I’ve met, made friendships with and seen the world with I am totally amazed by this journey called life.  It is so true that some people leave footprints on your heart and I’ve had a few of them, they are the ones it is a privilege to know and who are a blessing from God

The changes in life and where God takes each one of us are truly astonishing.  Each time He calls us out of one place and into something new it is just an excuse for Him to lavish on us, to expand our understanding of Him, to have our dreams not only met but surpassed with bigger and better ones.  It’s a time for Him to fill the void left behind as we stand on the edge of the more He has for us.  He longs to show us more of how for us He is, and that only happens when there is space made in our hearts for Him to fill.  When some of the “comforts” disappear, when some of the “securities” are not around, that’s when we realise the provision over our lives and we stand and wait…

We don’t wait for history to repeat itself but we wait because we know that what we have seen of God to this point is the very least we know He will be and He will do in the future.  We chose to throw ourselves head first off the cliff into the complete fullness of His goodness to us! We jump into the expectation of seeing Him, experiencing and encountering the glory, provision and heart of our Father.  Let’s face it He is completely unstoppable in pouring out his goodness on His kids, but we so often hinder it because we chose not to let him open up our lives and hearts to see it, feel it, taste it and touch it.  He wants us to walk with experience and revelation, not just a concept.  Our personal stories are what impact the world because people connect with people.  Your life will always touch those around you and I want mine to be a reflection and an exhortation of the goodness of God!

So I would ask you today where has God completely undone your heart with his goodness? Where has his abundance towards you left you speechless and in total admiration?

And simply say a heartfelt thank you for what He has done and what He will do!

Thanks Jesus :)


To be chosen, what does it mean to be chosen?

To me it means that someone sees you for who you really are.  It means someone hears you heart and feels privileged that you shared it.  It means someone wants to be with you and to spend the journey of life for as long or as short a time period as that may be. 

It’s when someone wants to do anything for you because you are you and no-one else.  It’s that place of total uniqueness when your seen for what you bring to the world.

Why do we shy away so much from our individuality?  Why do we shudder at being noticed and known for us?  Why do strive to be so independent let long to be part of more than just me?

Our individuality is our greatest gift to world, our unique make up is what brings joy to people around us, what brings ideas and genius into situations, what strategies the plan what relates and builds relationship, how is any of this bad? 

It’s not… yet we still hide it, we still struggle with being us, in all of who we are right now.

I find that we miss out on so much if that’s what motivates us, we miss being know for who we truly are, we miss unconditional acceptance and love, we miss respect and being valued and we miss each other.

This is not a place I want to spend a lot of my time.  I want to live from a place of total acceptance 24/7, I want to feel valued and respected not for what I can do for you but for who I am.

Being chosen is about a choice, a choice to be known and ultimately a cost.

It’s about a choice that said you’re good enough, it’s a choice that said I will do it for you, it’s a choice that cost more than you could ever imagine. It’s a choice that starred down death to give life to you and say you were worth every second of pain, loneliness, isolation, separation and rejection.

YOU were enough.

The ultimate place of being chosen just for you…

Happy Easter!

Truth…not subjective or altered by circumstance, feeling or experience…but relational, revolutionary and irresistible.

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